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Our Focus

Transforming student struggle into meaningful, definite progress

How We Recruit Tutors

Our tutors are integrated into our company culture of discipline. We hire enthusiastic tutors, who immerse themselves in the material and take interest in student progress.


How We Train Tutors

Our tutors receive regular feedback and monthly trainings. Each tutor’s style is streamlined to successfully reach students. We instill in tutors the spirit of teamwork, empowering them as educators.


How We Treat Our Clients

Our students receive direct and simplified teaching. Through constantly evaluating and reporting our student progress to parents, we boost student achievement and prioritize parent concerns.


Why We Teach Differently

Cauhoi Tutors carries a Vietnamese heritage: câu hỏi translates to “question,” and our team sets out to eliminate student confusion through clear, calculated instruction.

About US

A dynamic tutoring team trained to think differently & maximize student achievement
Inspiring, Preparing & Teaching Students with Passion since 2007.

Cauhoi Tutors is a thriving and innovative tutoring group, started by two University of Virginia graduates in 2007. Our mission is to build strong academic foundations for our students and help them reach classroom success. We offer tutoring services in the Northern Virginia and DC area.

We specialize in teaching SAT/TJ Prep and various subject areas covering Math, English, and Science. Our team is composed of dedicated college students, college graduates, and FCPS employees; each team member is passionate about teaching and are effectively trained in-house.

Unlike the traditional school program and other similar tutoring services, we have created a unique teaching method that is simple, involves less memorization, and yields better results. We cater around each student’s learning needs, and teach ways to approach and solve new problems– without memorizing formulas. By choosing our service, your child will get back on track, pull ahead of their peers, and learn the work ethic necessary to succeed in life.

  • Academic Reinforcement

    We assess and get your below grade level children caught up. The students will receive close attention from our tutors.

  • Academic Enrichment

    We teach students advance math techniques and expanded vocab, building a strong academic foundation for students

  • Homework Help

    We help students prepare for quizzes, tests, and finals. We incorporate state standard test material and concepts into our lessons.

  • SAT/ACT/TJ Prep Class

    We are experts on teaching SAT Math & Reading. Our students walk out well-versed, confident in the test subject matter.

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Tutoring Hours


Happy Clients


Mail Conversation


Photos Taken

Our Team

Check our awesome team members who always work hard to provide quality tutoring services.
Francesco Yepez
Supervisor/Hiring Director

I am currently a senior at George Mason University studying psychology. I have been teaching for six years, and have been teaching at Cauhoi Tutors since 2012. When tutoring, I use my knowledge of child development and human cognition to tailor the lesson according to each student's individual needs.I love working with kids, and my strength lies in knowing how to make learning fun for them regardless of the subject I'm teaching!

Claudia Rojas

I've been tutoring since 2012. My subject strength is Reading & Writing with basic math. I also work as an AVID tutor, guiding group discussions about core subjects and college readiness. I'm currently attending George Mason University, majoring in English / Creative Writing.


I graduated from George Mason University in 2011 with a degree in Finance and minor in Economics. I love working with numbers, especially Math and Science. I have been teaching these 2 subjects for 7 years. Being a tutor at Cauhoi Tutors is a great opportunity to work with professional teammates and adorable students.

Michelle Moore
English Tutor

I am a psychology honor's student at George Mason, and I love working with kids. I am very happy to be apart of the Cauhoi Tutor team!

Bennett "Will" Duncan
Math Tutor

I am a really passionate tutor for all grade levels above and below my own. Anyone who needs help, I'm willing to provide it in any way I can. My specialty is math, but I've tutored in most subjects, whatever I've been asked for help on. As for me personally, I have a passion for hard rock music and computers. I draw, play bass guitar, and enjoy watching anime.

Grant Pitarys
Math Tutor

Math and economics major at George Mason University with a passion for math.

Sara Odilette Laprea Romero
Teaching Assistant/Spanish Tutor

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, I speak fluent Spanish, I joined band as a flute player in 5th grade, I'm in various clubs and I enjoy baking a lot. I take 4 AP courses, I have a 3.7 unweighted GPA and I am also in the Student Government Association in my school. I take initiative in group projects and am very organized.

Chelsie Kuhn
SAT English Teacher

I'm a 21 year old interested in education, pedagogy, and teaching. I work full-time at George Mason University during the day coordinating programs around well-being. Additionally, I take two graduate classes in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. In my spare time I enjoy reading and hiking.


We have 4 friendly packages for you. Check all the packages and choose the right one for you.
Academic Enrichment
Offers enhanced teaching to students that are above grade level
  • For independent/quick learner
  • Minimal instruction from tutor
  • Advanced and challenging material
  • Progress e-mails to parents
  • Check and correct school HW
  • Report test scores to parents
  • Email school teacher to track progress
  • Please Call for Pricing Info
    Elementary/Middle/High School: 1 month, 12hrs total
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Homework Help

Most Popular
Designed to assist and motivate students to complete school HW
  • Extra HW practice
  • Group or individual class
  • Check and correct school HW
  • Progress Email to parents
  • Optional Review for Tests
  • Report test scores to parents
  • Email school teacher to track progress
  • $390/mo
    Elementary/Middle School: 8 sessions/month(12hrs)
  • $450/mo
    High School : 8 sessions/month(12hrs)
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Academic Reinforcement
Offers remedial help to students that are below grade level
  • For student who needs more attention
  • 1-on-1 tutoring
  • Check and correct school HW
  • Progress e-mails to parents
  • Prepare for Quizzes/Tests
  • Report test scores to parents
  • Email school teacher to track progress
  • Please Call for Pricing Info
    Elementary/Middle/High School: 1 month, 16hrs total
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An intense yet fun class for HS students to prepare for Admission tests.
  • Many practice tests
  • Provide book and material
  • Learn strategy and test-taking tips
  • Prevent common math errors
  • Increase reading speed and vocab
  • Progress Email to parents
  • Free Tshirt
  • $725
    NEW SAT Review (Group Class)
    8 sessions
  • $1,800
    NEW SAT Complete Prep (Group Class)
    Full 3 month(24 sessions total)
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